Peak protein quality

Grass-fed whey is a protein source derived from the milk of cows that primarily graze on natural grass pastures. Our grass-fed whey protein is sourced from Southern Ireland, where the cattle enjoy the benefits of lush grass pastures for approximately 300 days per year. This extended grazing period sets our whey apart, as many other grass-fed whey products typically have cows on grass for only 150-200 days annually, ensuring a higher quality and more nutritious protein source.

Using organic chocolate offers several benefits. Firstly, it's produced through fair trade practices, ensuring that cacao farmers are fairly compensated for their work. This ethical approach supports sustainable farming and promotes better living conditions for the farmers.

Moreover, organic chocolate tastes amazing due to the high-quality ingredients and careful processing. It retains the rich, natural flavors of cacao, resulting in a superior chocolate experience.

Additionally, choosing organic chocolate is environmentally responsible. It avoids the use of palm oil, which is a major contributor to deforestation and the destruction of precious rainforest habitats. By opting for real organic chocolate, you're making a delicious and eco-conscious choice that helps protect our planet's vital ecosystems.

Currently, we offer two delicious flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch and Almond Butter Amaretti. These flavors are carefully crafted to provide a unique and satisfying taste experience.

Yes, indeed! Our bars are gluten-free, making them a great choice for those with gluten sensitivities. We've also made sure to exclude ingredients like palm oil and sugar alcohols. Of course, those with peanut, almond and milk allergies should steer clear.

Yes! We're committed to providing a wholesome, pure, and nutritious product. Our bars contain no artificial ingredients or sugar alcohols, ensuring a clean and delicious source of protein.

Peak Protein Bars are made with only Non-GMO ingredients, the way nature intended.

Peak Protein Compared to other bars

Most protein bars taste unpleasant because they often prioritize cost-cutting over quality. High-quality protein itself is generally flavor-neutral and easy to digest. However, the poor taste and digestive issues come from the use of cheap and artificial ingredients. Common culprits like sugar alcohols, gelatin, collagen, glycerin, and allulose are added to reduce calories and production costs. In reality, people seek protein bars that are both delicious and nutritious while being free from these unnecessary additives. Peak Protein is committed to crafting bars that offer a superior taste and quality without compromising health or flavor.

Peak Protein chooses not to use allulose in its bars due to safety concerns associated with this ingredient. Notably, allulose is banned in Canada and Europe, primarily due to potential safety risks. While some companies may use allulose to reduce the calorie count of their products, Peak Protein prioritizes the well-being of its customers by avoiding ingredients that are deemed potentially dangerous in certain regions. Instead, we focus on using only safe, high-quality, natural ingredients to create a superior protein bar.

Peak Protein avoids the use of sugar alcohols in its bars due to health concerns associated with these ingredients. Erythritol, a common sugar alcohol, has been linked to potential health risks, as demonstrated in a study by the Cleveland Clinic. This study indicated a significant increase in the risk of heart attack and stroke associated with erythritol consumption. As a brand committed to providing nutritious and safe products, Peak Protein opts to exclude sugar alcohols from its ingredient list to prioritize the well-being of its customers. We understand that people shouldn't have to worry about staying close to a bathroom or being gassy after eating a protein bar. Protein consumption is important, and we don't want to make it any harder for people to get their necessary protein intake while maintaining their comfort and well-being. Our focus remains on crafting protein bars that are delicious, wholesome, and easy on the digestive system.

Peak Protein abstains from using collagen in its bars for several reasons. While collagen has its benefits for hair and skin health, it provides minimal support for skeletal muscle health, which is essential for most people seeking to meet their protein needs. Furthermore, collagen bears a striking resemblance to gelatin, a frequently employed, low-cost filler in many protein bars, primarily serving to reduce production expenses.

Reliance on collagen for meeting one's protein requirements can lead to a deficit in other vital nutrients. Peak Protein is dedicated to delivering nutritionally sound products that prioritize muscle health and overall well-being. We believe that a protein bar should not only taste great but should also contribute to your broader nutritional needs, particularly in terms of muscle development and repair. This commitment to quality sets us apart from those that employ collagen as a protein source.